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A customized preconception program for you and your partner

Our signature offering, Well-Conceived Fundamentals, is an intensive and holistic 8- to 12- week program designed to improve egg and sperm quality before conception, and increase your odds of a low-risk pregnancy and a healthy baby.

daily practices to optimize health & fertility

After conducting a thorough health assessment, we create a customized program to address your specific fertility and pregnancy goals. Over the course of several weeks, we help you build and fortify foundational habits in mental, emotional, physical and environmental health –– to optimize fertility and ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Get accountability with flexibilITy

You will schedule weekly meditation, movement, dietary, and conception planning sessions with our team via phone or video, from anywhere you like. Los Angeles or Bay Area clients can elect to conduct their preconception planning sessions in-person. Quick daily check-ins on the days you do not have sessions will help with prioritization and accountability.


What You Get

The program consists of a health assessment, one-on-one preconception planning and coaching sessions with Christina, weekly online guided sessions by topic-specific experts on the Well-Conceived team, and group check-ins with a supportive community of fellow participants.

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Sessions & Retreats


One-on-One Coaching

Work directly with Christina! A limited number of sessions are available per month to dive deeply into your most salient physical, emotional and/or environmental questions and needs. Depending on your location, sessions can be held by phone, video chat or in-person. Hourly rates are based on a sliding scale, assessed by income and your ability to pay. Inquire below.


Fall Retreat 2019

Join the Well-Conceived team for three days of workshops, movement, and nature in the woods of Northern California. Deepen your understanding of your body, set intentions for parenthood, and bond with your partner. Dates and location to be announced in July. Please sign up below to be notified when registration begins.