Below are some of the questions we most frequently encounter from clients. Please reach out if you have additional questions!

How much does a Well-Conceived program cost?

The cost of an individualized preconception program is dependent on needs, and will range from $2000-$5000. Anticipate investing an additional $250+ on a variety of lab work, household items, supplements, literature, etc. Some steps are considered essential, and some are nice to have; we prioritize individual needs to maximize effective use of your budget.

What is the time commitment of a Well-Conceived program?

Each week will vary slightly, but you can expect to commit about eight hours a week to the program. This will include your one-on-one sessions, workouts, meditations, meal planning, and more.

How can my partner be involved?

Sperm is, of course, the other half of a healthy conception. Because men are constantly generating new sperm, making improvements on its quality can be relatively simple, and we will go through these things in-depth. We also encourage partners to be involved in the day-to-day process as much as possible; the intensity of the Well-Conceived Fundamentals program requires a great deal of support, and working as a team will be both rewarding and beneficial to your future child.

Can I travel during the program?

Routine and consistency is key to successful implementation of any wellness program, so we don’t recommend extensive travel during the preconception period. We understand that life has demands, so we can pause the program for up to a week to allow for some flexibility.

How do I know this is working?

The first week of the program we will do a thorough health assessment.  We’ll work with your primary care provider and do some initial blood work and testing to establish a baseline. From there, we will make goals and plans to achieve them. At the end of the program, we can re-do testing to see progress and determine what areas can still be improved.

When is the best time to take the course?

Scientists estimate that an egg follicle begins to mature 3-4 months before it is released during ovulation. This is the critical time of preparation. We recommend you take the 8-12 week Well-Conceived Fundamentals course and continue to practice the habits and routines developed for an addition 8 weeks before you begin to “try” to conceive.

What if I’m freezing my eggs?

The same principle applies to women before conception and before “mature oocyte preservation,” as scientists call it. The guiding principle here is that you want to freeze the healthiest mature egg possible, and our program helps you do just that.

Are all the sessions one-on-one?

Consulting sessions with Christina are one-on-one, but workout and meditations may be conducted in a small group setting, depending on scheduling and fellow participants. Most find the community of this to be a rewarding aspect of the program.

Any other questions?