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Improving health
& fertility when it matters most


Well-Conceived is a preconception care company dedicated to empowering women with reproductive health and wellness.

“Preconception health gives babies the best gift of all―the best chance for a healthy start in life.”
— Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

A Word from the Founder


A healthy Pregnancy starts before conception

As a labor and delivery nurse and a trained doula, I have had the opportunity to provide healthcare to women in all phases of pregnancy and from all walks of life. I have witnessed many well-intentioned couples prepare for parenthood by seeking out highly-trained obstetricians or midwives, finding birthing doulas, and voraciously educating themselves once they are pregnant. Unfortunately, the most critical piece of preparation, to optimize health and egg quality during the preconception phase, is often overlooked. I created Well-Conceived to change that.


fertility is DECLINING

The stressors of modern life – environmental toxins, nutrient-deficient food, and a bombardment of technology that often replaces physical movement – have weakened our immune systems, microbiome, organs and glands. The result is a weakened, less fertile state of health. Egg quality declines, and to make matters worse, we wait longer in life to start families. While pregnancy can still occur in this weakened state, our children are inherit our weaknesses, and we see surges in the rates of childhood illness such as ASD, ADHD, and asthma.


It takes approximately 120 days for an egg and 70 days for sperm to fully mature into cells ready for fertilization. Health status during this time has a profound impact on egg and sperm quality, and therefore, the health of a future child.

Well-Conceived was created to help couples achieve the highest quality eggs and sperm possible in order to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. By harnessing the best, current information and clinically proven practices, we can reduce rates of disorders, defects, and diseases in future generations.


Join me

My experiences in obstetric healthcare have prompted me to take steps to improve my own fertility. In doing so, I am a healthier version of myself and feel confident that I am taking all possible steps to prepare for a healthy future family. I hope you give yourself, and your children, that same opportunity.


Christina Veneman
Founder & CEO



Christina Veneman is an obstetric Registered Nurse, holistic health professional and the founder of Well-Conceived.

For the last three years, Christina has served as a labor and delivery nurse for underserved communities and as a postpartum doula for women needing extra support after delivery.

Christina earned her undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara in Human Biology with a minor degree in Holistic Health. She received her Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing (BSN) and Holistic Health from San Francisco State University, completed her pre-licensure program at Stanford Hospitals & Clinics/Stanford Hospital, and conducted her graduate Nursing residency at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA, a high-risk hospital that delivers nearly 1,000 babies a month.

She enjoys cooking, gardening, feeding her compost to her worms and fighting for women’s rights.