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A healthy baby starts here.


Our approach 


Well-Conceived empowers you and your partner to take control of your health, fertility and future during a critical—and often neglected—time in your baby’s development: preconception. We create programs to optimize health and fertility before conception for the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. Combining the best current evidence with practical application, Well-Conceived offers a comprehensive, coordinated, and caring approach to reproductive planning and preconception care.


preconception care


Our signature offering is the Well-Conceived Fundamentals Program designed to improve egg and sperm quality and increase your odds of a low-risk pregnancy and healthy baby. We work as a team to evaluate your complete health picture, devise a personalized plan, and implement specific practices in core areas of your life to bring you closer to optimal reproductive health.


Meet Christina

Christina Veneman is an obstetric Registered Nurse, holistic health professional and the founder of Well-Conceived. She’s on a mission to empower women through health and wellness.

For the last three years, Christina has served as a labor and delivery nurse for women with high-risk pregnancies and as a postpartum doula for women needing extra support after delivery.


Let’s talk

If you are interested in Well-Conceived services, Christina invites you to a complimentary consultation session to discuss your wellness and fertility goals, answer any questions, and explore if Well-Conceived is a good fit for you. Sessions are 20 minutes, conducted over phone or video chat, and free of any obligation. Christina only works with clients she truly believes she can help.



Helpful articles on wellness, habits, and ways to improve your reproductive health.

“Christina was pivotal in my reproductive journey. Her knowledge and compassion gave me confidence that I was doing everything I could to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.”
— Nicole, mother of three